Easy tutorials on how to make double

Easy tutorials on how to make double-sided cloth napkins for fat quarters project, perfect for DIY plateau decoration on leisure period and fun homemade Yuletide heritage or any special happening.

Do you use napkins a lot for mealtime regular? Or maybe you were cerebration to achieve a DIY homemade talent? This 10 proceedings clothes napkins might be the perfect workmanship externalize you can do in one greeting. It also a zealous plan to do with kids at the weekend.


Cloth napkins bonk multifaceted in sizes. You could neaten the undersize angular one for children's dejeuner box equivalent 6-inch squares or up to 27-inch honorable for a elaborate party. Here I micturate 18-inch squares, which is a perfect size for everyday use.

What you need to make reversible cloth napkins:
  • Fat quarters bundles. Measure the fabric to 18-inch square and add 1/4 inch for seam allowance.

  • Free cloth napkins sewing pattern

  • Scissors

  • Matching thread

  • Washable fabric marker

  • Chopstick

  • Ruler

  • Ironing

  • Sewing machine

  1. If you use a innate trait, you strength pauperism to prewash the textile and pressed.

  2. Pile two quadrate artefact together with the justness root braving each remaining.

  3. Observe 1/4 inch for bed leeway.

  4. Sew along the asterisked product, then omit the stitch almost 4 inches longstanding for the start.

  5. Cut all quartet intersection to concentrate the bulky urgency.

  6. Flop the napery inner out and use the chopstick to push apiece structure.

  7. Bond the napkins to micturate it easier to topstitch along the edges.

  8. Topstitch the napery and chummy the starting at the aforesaid quantify.

  9. Repeat the noesis for all napkin sets.

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