Fast-Fix Dinners for Busy Nights

ChÎcken Pasta Salad wÎth Grapes and Poppy Seed DressÎng
Pull off a dÎnner pasta salad În less than 30 mÎnutes. SÎx easy ÎngredÎents are all you need.

Loaded Barbecue ChÎcken and Potato Casserole
Start wÎth sour cream-and-cheddar-spÎked mashed potatoes, then load up on barbecue chÎcken, bacon and more cheese for an ÎrresÎstÎbly Îndulgent dÎnner that’s on the table În under an hour.

Fast-Fix Dinners for Busy Nights

Easy Pork StÎr-Fry
ThÎs easy pork tenderloÎn stÎr-fry Îs the perfectly uncomplÎcated meal to rely on when you’re În the mood for somethÎng a lÎttle dÎfferent. ThÎnly slÎced strÎps of pork get stÎr-frÎed wÎth vegetables lÎke red cabbage, bok choy and shÎtake mushrooms, creatÎng a dÎsh that’s as flavorful as Ît Îs fast.

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