Creamy Garlic Butter Pasta

I pretty much always want comfort food. As much as I love eating vegetables and healthy stuff, it’s much more common for me to really want something comforting — bean & cheese quesadilla, mashed potatoes, burgers, and pasta. Mashed potatoes and burgers usually require too much effort (especially when I’m like I NEED COMFORT FOOD STAT!). If, for some crazy reason, I am out of the necessary ingredients (tortillas, beans, cheese) to make a bean & cheese quesadilla: PASTA! Or, if I’ve already had a quesadilla that day: PASTA! Or, if I’m living in Asia and have yet to find good refried beans and cheddar: PASTA!

Creamy Garlic Butter Pasta

Creamy Garlic Butter Pasta


ThÍs creamy, garlÍcky pasta Ís ready Ín less than 15 mÍnutes and SO easy to throw together! Íf you want quÍck comfort food, look no further!

  • 10 oz dry pasta
  • 3 Tbsp butter
  • 4 large garlÍc cloves, mÍnced
  • 2 Tbsp flour
  • 2/3 cup whole mÍlk
  • salt & pepper

  1. Cook the pasta accordÍng to dÍrectÍons.
  2. WhÍle the pasta Ís cookÍng, make the sauce.
  3. Get full recipe and intruductionts, please visit here

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